TriAcneal by Avene.

Have you been fighting against acne and blackheads for ages? Do you have discolourations and fine lines? Instead of worrying about this, just reach for TriAcneal by Avene.

TriAcneal by AveneTriAcneal is a mineral and Avene water-based cosmetic. It is recommend for both adults and youngsters, as well as for everybody who is fighting against discolourations, acne, blackheads, conspicuous and clogged skin pores, and oily skin. How does TriAcneal by Avene really work? The cosmetic highly improves condition and overall look of complexion. Moreover, the cosmetic smooths, helps with eliminating dead epidermis cells, cleanses and reduces visibility of skin pores. TriAcneal counteracts blackheads and acne. It is also crucial to add, that the product is able to reduce post-acne marks as it smooths wrinkles. This extraordinary manner of working facilitates better absorption of other face care cosmetics.

How to apply TriAcneal?

First of all, the cosmetic is not recommended for day-to-day application. The cosmetic should be used only once or twice per week. What is more, the product must be applied only on lesions (i.e. acne or blackheads). In most cases, the cosmetic has to cover so-called T-zone (forehead, nose and chin). It is worth pointing out that first several applications might end up in skin irritation and redness. However, this is completely normal reaction of an organism and one should not be bothered about any of these. Basically, the cosmetic has to be applied at bedtime and left on overnight. In the morning, TriAcneal should be removed with a regular toner or a face lotion.

TriAcneal by Avene contains two ingredients which are essential for skin care – these are A vitamin derivative and glycolic acid (concentration of 6%). The first substance actively reacts to working of sun rays. For that reason, it is important to apply sunscreens in the summer while treating your skin with TriAcneal.

Since TriAcneal by Avene is a kind of medical cosmetic, therefore, despite drugstores, it can be bought in every bigger pharmacy. A tube of the product contains 30 ml of TriAcneal.