OCM – Oil Cleansing Method

OCM (oil cleansing method) is a very popular beautifying treatment that enables to remove makeup precisely and purify skin. It is safe because oils do not disturb natural pH level of skin. This very technique is recommended for all skin types yet people having acne skin will probably benefit from the treatment at most.

oil cleansing method, OCMWhat is OCM?

The key ingredient of the treatment is castor oil that has to be combined with other oils selected accordingly each woman’s skin needs. In general, the more your skin is oily, the greater amount of the castor oil has to be added to the mixture. Castor oil is just perfect at degreasing and cleansing skin surface (it removes excess of sebum produced by dermis). Other natural oils that can be used for OCM treatment are, for example, almond oil since it is able to moisturise and ease, rich in anti-oxidants grape seeds oil, jojoba oil and olive oil can hydrate skin and peach macerate highlights discolourations. Despite castor oil and one of the above-mentioned oils, you will need a sheer oil (most preferably the one used for newborns care). What is more, prepare two small towels, one for covering your face and the other one for wiping the oil once the treatment is over.

In which proportions should the oils be combined?

Actually, the proportions have to be set individually. They vary accordingly to skin type. It can be set that for dry skin the following proportions are the most favourable ones: 10% of castor oil and 90% of base oil. Normal and combination skin require 20% castor oil and 80% of base oil. Oily skin, in turn, will be grateful if treated with the combination of 30% of castor oil mixed with 70% of base oil.

What are the effects produced due to OCM?

The truth is, regular face cleansing due to OCM produces plenty of positive effects as it improves condition of skin significantly. Tone of a complexion becomes even, skin pores are contacted and blackheads disappear miraculously. What is also crucial, sebum production is lowered considerably. Face skin as well as hand, lip, fingernail, eyelashes and eyebrows are smooth and soft.

Are there any contraindications connected with OCM?

In spite of the fact that OCM is safe and causes neither irritations nor skin allergies, still there is a group of people who should avoid undergoing the treatment. These are extreme cases like people with purulent acne, skin cancer and skin breaking disorder. What is more, people heaving couperose skin type should also avoid applying OCM.