Do you know what hairdo suits you best?

Which hairdo suits you most? Should you wear long hair or rather short one? Is it a good idea to wear fringe? Or maybe your face will look stunning if your hair is asymmetric? Keep reading the article to find out which hairstyle is designed especially for you.

Do you know what hairdo suits you bestThere are five types (shapes) of face: oval, triangular (also known as heart-shaped), square, rectangular and round. Before you match a hairdo with type of your face, learn how to define the very shape. How to do it? Suffice to take a measure: width and length of face as well as width of jaw line and forehead.

Oval Face. If the width of your face constitutes 75% of its length, then your face is oval. What is more, this face type is also characterized by high forehead and oblong chin. Jaw line is wider than temple line and the line where hair starts growing is a little bit round. The good news is that almost every hairdo suits oval face.

Remember though, avoid putting you hair loose with parting in the middle of head.

Triangular (Heart-Shaped) Face. It is characterized by wide forehead, easy to notice cheekbones, small chin as well as by the fact that the upper part of face is much wider than the lower one. If your face is shaped like that, you can wear short curly hair, classic bob, short fringe (longer fringe should be set aside) or long hair with parting on one side. On the other hand, try to avoid bare forehead, wearing ponytails, very short hair and buns set high.

Round Face. In short, width and length of round face are alike. What is more, round face has full cheeks, small forehead and chin is round. In this case, it is recommended to wear wavy hair and tie hair high. Straight fringe and smooth hairdos would not produce this looked-for effect you want to achieve.

Rectangular Face. It is long and thin. Width of forehead and cheekbones are equal. Chin and forehead are slightly oblong. If your face is of this very shape, you should ask your hairdresser to layer the hair. What is more, all kinds of curls will also add charm to your face. Start wearing fringe. On the other hand, resign from having long straight hair and high ties.

Square Face. It is characterized by wide forehead and jaw as well as easily noticeable cheekbones. This type of face goes with long, layered hair with parting on a side. It is advised against wearing sleek or opulent hairdos as well as straight and heavy fringe.