Weakened and damaged eyelashes? Eyelash serum to the rescue!

One of the most popular methods of eyelash extension and density improvement is attachment of false eyelashes. These artificial hair of eyelid’s are in a form of stripes or single eyelashes. The secondly-enumerated method of beautifying treatment is called 1:1, 2:1, 3:1 etc. method. It has to be performed only by an experienced and well-qualified beautician who does not only use professional instruments but also provides comfortable conditions for a customer. Basically, no matter if the treatment focuses on eyelash extension or density improvement, it is neither cheap not fast. What is more, it is highly probable that people who have sensitive eyelids, will experience strong discomfort (other irritations may include dryness and redness of eyeballs and allergic reactions to adhesive). When the false eyelashes are removed (regardless their form – stripes or individual lashes), natural eyelashes starts falling out because these turn into being weakened and damaged. Furthermore, baby eyelashes tend to grow out extremely slowly. Fortunately, an eyelash serum application is the alternative beautifying treatment. Obviously, it does not provide immediate results such as attachment of false eyelashes. However, eyelash serum treatment has many other advantages such as natural outcomes, lack of irritations, easy and fast application, plant ingredients, and low price.

Eye and skin diseases along with other severe ailments may result in excessive eyelash loss.

If there are no contraindications, a physician should not express disagreement concerning starting eyelash serum treatment by his/her patient. Basically, such a product works wonders on people who suffer from lack of eyelashes. The moment the treatment is over, eyelashes grow out stronger, healthier, and regenerated.

Eyelashes become weakened also when are frequently treated with an eyelash curler, covered with henna or undergo other cosmetic treatments. The eyelash curler deprives eyelashes of water and keratin. What is more, their structure is damaged and their endurance is weakened significantly. When it comes to henna, this treatment provides only illusion of colour change. Additionally, all the pigments and tints included into henna’s composition penetrate into eyelash’s structure. By treating eyelashes with perm or semi-permanent make-up, we harm these unwittingly. And this is unnecessary practice because an eyelash serum provides the same effects like eyelash curl or darkening of their colour. What is more, an eyelash serum is able to moisturize the little hair of eyelid’s and make them glossy. Under such circumstances, it is worth reconsidering your choice the next time you are going to make your eyelashes extended or denser.