Eyelash serum vs. other methods of eyelash extension.

Which of the eyelash extending techniques is the best one? False eyelash attachment, coating eyelashes with a mascara of eyelash lengthening properties, oils treatment (not only with plant ones) or maybe application of eyelash serums?

Let us take a closer look at each of the above-mentioned methods.

piekne rzesyFirstly, making eyelashes longer thanks to attaching false eyelashes is a fairly popular eyes beautification method. In short, this technique consists in either improving density or length of the natural little hair of eyelids. Usually, such a treatment is performed in a beauty parlour (1:1, 2:1, 3:1 etc. methods), although we are able to attach stripes of false eyelashes on our own. How does eyelash extension treatment look like? Basically, one false eyelash, that is made of synthetic material, silk or animal’s fur, is attached to a natural one. These artificial eyelashes are attached thanks to a special adhesive that is not supposed to irritate the wearer. A person who would like to undergo this eyes beautifying treatment should reserve around two hours of her time and prepare approximately £100. Obviously, the price varies accordingly to a beauty salon and the materials used for the treatment. What is more, the person should also add cost of in-filling sessions. Another thing to mention, it is forbidden to rub eyes, coat lashes with a mascara, take a hot bath or sleep on one’s side right after having false eyelashes attached in a beauty parlour.

Second method of eyelash extension is application of a mascara of particular features. Obviously, this cosmetic provides only illusion of longer eyelashes. Naturally, the real length of these do not change at all, these still remain short. However, if you are content with such an effect, you can pick a mascara that holds other beautifying properties. For instance, a mascara of eyelash thickening, curling and separating properties may work wonders. Fairly intriguing are also eyelashes coated with colourful of glitter mascaras.

Point often overlooked, cosmetics designed for eyelash extension are fairly often composed of plant oils. Such substances contain plenty of vitamins, micro and macro elements, as well as other valuable ingredients. What is more, these work in a very characteristic way. Firstly, the substances tend to strengthen, moisturize and regenerate eyelashes and then affect length and density. However, in order to achieve 100% effect of long and dense eyelashes, you have to be patient because natural substances work rather slowly. The most popular plant oils included in eyelash serums’ composition are castor, coconut, argan and olive oil.

The last one, and supposedly the best method of eyelash extension and density improvement is use of eyelash serums. Why? An eyelash serum works after two weeks making eyelashes stronger, regenerated, longer and thicker. Furthermore, application of eyelash serum occupies less than a half of a minute, is easy and fast to perform. Basically, the cosmetic has to be distributed along upper and lower eyelash base. What is more, eyelash serum does not cause irritations and is recommended for those people who would like to have longer, healthier, and prettier eyelashes.