The biggest mistakes connected with an eyelash serum use.

Purchasing products from untrustworthy sources.

If you are going to buy an eyelash serum, enter a producer’s web page first. This is the only reliable source of getting the product. Only then, have you guarantee that the product is the original one. What is more, when you encounter any difficulties concerning delivery or with the product itself, you can always contact the seller easily. It is worth being aware of the fact, that the Internet is full of various counterfeits. These may cause irritations, be sold over expiration date or possess other hidden defects.

Inadequate application.

Many women tend to forget about evening make-up removal, even before applying an eyelash serum. Worth realizing, positive outcomes cannot be expected when an eyelash serum is put on eyelashes and eyelids covered with colour cosmetics. All the active substances included into an eyelash serum’s composition are simply unable to penetrate this thick layer of cosmetics. This in turn precludes an eyelash serum from supplying follicles and eyelash roots with what these carve for. What is more, each and every single application has to be preceded with precise water removal from eyelids. An eyelash serum become dissolved when put on wet eyelid skin. As a consequence, working of the product is much weaker and eyelashes are not properly nourished.

Irregular application.

In order to make an eyelash serum work the way it is supposed to, it must be applied systematically. This works the same way, when we want to achieve positive effects of working out or learning a foreign language. Many producers suggest putting on their product every day. When the desired results are obtained, the frequency of application may be decreased to a few times per week. Obviously, you will see improvement of eyelashes’ condition even when these are supplied with active substances irregularly. However, these outcomes are going to be way worse than the ones achieved thanks to systematic application of an eyelash serum. To sum up, if you are not persistent enough, do not waste your money and time on an eyelash serum treatment.

Improper eyelash serum storing.

If you want to prolong longevity of your eyelash serum, you have to store it the right way. Therefore, you must not expose it to sun rays or keep in humid places. What is also crucial, a cap of an eyelash serum’s has to be twisted tightly. Why? If you do not follow all the above-mentioned rules, your eyelash serum will transform into a home of bacteria and the active substances will lost their strength. What is more, if you do not remove your make-up precisely, the brush, with which you distribute the eyelash serum, will gather residues of the cosmetic. Obviously, all the unnecessary substances will get to the product and interfere with its composition. As a result, the period of time devoted for safe eyelash serum’s use will be shortened.