Propolis and beeswax for acne.

Propolis and beeswax for acne.When you hear the word ‘bee’, what does come to your mind? Is it honey? The truth is, these useful insects produce a few valuable substances (of course, except honey) which are widely used in both medicine and cosmetology.

The truth is, apiculture products have wide application not only in cooking. These are also recognized as healing and beautifying substances. Commonly, propolis and beeswax are used for treating acne. And as it turns out, such a treatment produces remarkable effects.

What are propolis and beeswax?

Propolis, also known as bee glue, is a mixture made of gluey substances gathered from tree’s blossoms and plants. Bees make use of propolis to build their houses, protecting its interior from micro-organisms, bacteria and mould. What is interesting, composition of bee glue contains plenty of vitamins, bio-elements and anti-oxidants. It is even called the antibiotic of XXI century since it is able to cure many present-day ailments. What is more, this substance has anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, antiviral, painkilling and regenerating working. It is also worth mentioning that bee glue counteracts staphylococcus aureus, flu virus and encephalomyelitis. Moreover, propolis accelerates wound healing processes, eliminates acne, burns and psoriasis. Bee glue dissolves well in alcohol, therefore, it is used as an ingredient of tinctures.

Beeswax is a secretion of wax glands of young bees. It is used for comb building where honey is stored. It has white, pale yellow, orange or dark brown colour. Actually, its smells like honey. The application of beeswax is pretty wide. For example, this precious substance is used as a component of ointments, creams, lipbalms, eye pencils and lipsticks. The very substance is also used for sweets production. Unlike white sugar, beeswax strengthens gum, cleanses teeth and helps with curing vesicular stomatitis.

Beeswax and propolis as remedies for acne.

It is widely-known that the best way to eliminate acne is application of natural substances. Beeswax and propolis are 100% natural and safe for a human organism. These substances are included into ointments and powders’ compositions. What is more, these natural mixtures contain A, E and F vitamins. They are able to speed up wound healing processes, dry out acne, even skin tone and fight against discolourations. Powdered beeswax can be added to a makeup powder or use as a base ingredient for home-made mattifying powder.