Eyelash extension – Simple tricks.

Eyelash extensionCharming and alluring look due to long and dense eyelashes? Certainly, many of us women would like to tantalize men with such a look. But what to do when your eyelashes are far from being perfect? Instead, they are rather short and weak? Luckily enough, there are some techniques which help you to obtain the effect you are looking for. These are called eyelash extensions.

It is typical for beauty parlours owners to offer various eyelash extending treatments for their clients. One of the most popular methods is attaching one false eyelash to the natural one due to special cosmetic adhesive. This beauty treatment is known as 1:1 Method. It is important to realize that such a treatment has do be preceded by preparation of the workplace in terms of hygiene. What is more, a beautician also has to do everything she can to put a client in a good mood. Such a homely atmosphere is necessary because eyelash extending treatment lasts fairly long, even up to a few hours.

This eyelash beautifying treatment starts with separating eyelashes located on upper eyelid from the ones growing out form lower eyelid due to special gel pads. After that, a beautician cleanses eyelashes, removing the residues of makeup and care cosmetics. She uses special brushes to do it. Actually, eyelash extension treatment is a fairly time-consuming procedure. To demonstrate, owning to special tweezers a beautician separates every single eyelash in order to attach one false eyelash. In total, there are around 80-120 artificial eyelashes to attach on one eyelid. Yet, one session at a beautician’s is not enough. Eyelash extension treatment requires systematic in-filling sessions that should be conducted every few weeks.

Obviously, there are also other methods of eyelash extension. One of the worth mentioning is application of eyelash serums. These products are known for their strengthening, darkening and stimulating eyelash growth features. The effects produced are natural since these are one’s own eyelashes that get improved. Eyelash serums are easily available, you can buy some of them on the Internet. The treatment conducted does not require leaving home either. Suffice to apply an eyelash serum, for example Nanolash, on upper and lower eyelid root line to enjoy long and dense lashes. There is yet another technique producing defined look. It depends on attaching a stripe of false eyelashes. And again, you can improve look of your eyes at home. Unfortunately, the effect will be far from being natural.

What should be taken into account before and after eyelash extension treatment?

For example, in two days before the treatment, it is suggested that one should do henna in order to even eyelash tone. What is more, it is also worth being aware of the fact that there are some contraindications connected with this beautifying treatment. These are, among others, allergies, eye ailments and plastic surgeries of eyelids. Furthermore, the moment the treatment is over, it is advised against applying oily creams on around eye skin area, rubbing eyelids and mascaraing.