Hydra Collagenist collection by Helena Rubinstein.

Who does not know Helena Rubinstein and her cosmetics? Women from all around the world use her products that are associated with luxury, elegance and high efficiency. Do the nouns match her Hydra Collagenist collection as well?

Helena Rubinstein for women.

Helena Rubinstein has brought many positive elements to skin care. Also, she achieved phenomenal success in cosmetic market and commerce. If it was not for her, women would still struggle with wrinkles, dry skin and sun-induced pigmentation marks (also known as hyperpigmentation). Helena Rubinstein, as the first one, designed a cream that smoothed women’s faces, reduced wrinkles and slowed down skin ageing processes. It was her who composed creams including solar protection filters, a waterproof mascara, face massages and electrolysis. What is more, the very first beauty salon for men located in Manhattan was set up also by Helena Rubinstein. Actually, her cosmetics are considered as one of the most effective, although Helena Rubinstein had no cosmetology nor dermatology education back then, when she started her journey with cosmetic production.

helena-rubinstein-hydra-collagenistHydra Collagenist collection by Helena Rubinstein.

Hydra Collagenist collection contains the following products: two creams (for dry and normal skin), an under eye cream, a face mask and a serum. Basically, the products’ aims are to reduce wrinkles, highlight complexion, miniaturize skin and improve the general condition of face, neck and cleavage. The key ingredient of all the products is collagen – responsible for providing elasticity and smoothness to skin. What are the functions of particular cosmetics from Hydra Collagenist collection? The moisturizing creams for dry and normal skin work two ways: they stimulate collagen production in dermis and stores water in epidermis as to make skin more moisturised. The under eye cream has moisturizing and anti-wrinkle working. It smooths fine lines developed due to lack of hydration in skin, reduces sagging and dark circles under eyes. The cream has to be applied twice a day. It has to be patted into skin starting from the under eye area heading slowly towards above the crease area. Hydra Collagenist face mask has also anti-wrinkle and moisturizing features. What is more, the product makes skin more elastic, refreshed and highlighted. It should be applied twice a week on cleansed and dry skin. The face mask has to be removed after approximately 10 minutes. The last step of anti-ageing treatment with Helena Rubinstein is the serum. It shallows wrinkles, smooths skin, moisturises and provides youthful look.