How to use an eyelash serum?

rzeskiFirstly – Make-Up Removal

In order to perform proper eyelash serum application, you have to begin with precise make-up removal. Why? Primarily, because make-up removal should be part of every woman’s evening routine, no matter if they use an eyelash serum or not. Secondly, because only clean skin provides perfect surface for active substances to penetrate both follicles and eyelash roots to nourish these form inside. Make-up removal has to be performed using a cosmetic matching skin type and make-up that was done in the morning. To demonstrate, a dual-action lotion is good at washing away waterproof colour cosmetics whereas a regular lotion is destined for sensitive skin type etc. When all the cosmetics are removed, you have to take care of your face making it completely dried out, focusing mainly on eyelid skin. Only then, you can apply an eyelash serum.

Secondly – Application

When make-up is removed, you can proceed to application of eyelash serum. This should be done using a brush or a wand. When putting on the cosmetic with a brush, you have to distribute the product along upper and/or lower eyelash base. When it comes to the wand, it should be run along lashes, starting from their base and ending on their tips. Regardless the applicator, it is not advised to gather too much of the cosmetic because this may result in eyelash clumped together or become stained with white lumps (an eyelash serum residues). The application has to be conducted every evening until desired effects are obtained. After that, the eyelash serum has to be put on every two or three days.

Thirdly – Treatment

It is suggested to apply the eyelash serum systematically in order to achieve looked-for outcomes. The complete course of the treatment lasts from six to even ten months. When the treatment is ongoing, you have to follow all recommendations mentioned in a leaflet. In a case of irritations, it is necessary to rinse eyelids and eyes with great amount of water immediately and break the treatment. In a case of more serious allergic reactions, the person should visit either a dermatologist or an ophthalmologist.

Fourthly – Durability of Effects

Whether the achieved effects (long and dense eyelashes) will last long when the treatment is over depends on two factors. Firstly, you have to follow all the recommendations enumerated in a leaflet attached to the package. Secondly, lifespan of outcomes depends also from the substances an eyelash serum consists of and the strength of these. What is more, durability of effects rests with your regularity of an eyelash serum application. In a case, you forget to put on the cosmetic, the effects may disappear or be different from the ones expected. Again, the composition has tremendous influence over durability of outcomes. The strongest working belongs to keratin, E vitamin, and hyaluronic acid, to name just a few substances.