Eye makeup with L’Oréal Paris.

Each makeup bag should be equipped with at least one cosmetic by L’Oréal Paris. Owning a few products of this French brand is a must – this conviction can be confirmed by all makeup lovers from all around the world. If your colour cosmetic collection lacks this one missing makeup piece, it is time to buy Color Riche Les Ombres eye shadows.

Color Riche L'Oréal ParisColor Riche Les Ombres eyeshadow colours.

L’Oréal Paris prepared nine palettes, thanks to which you can create beautiful smoky eye effect. Disco Smoking contains black and orange shadows as well as two shades of violet. Tresors Caches is black, brown, pale green and olive colours. In turn, pale pink, two shades of brown and black compose Absolute Taupe. Beloved Nude is characterized by pastel colours of pink, violet and two nudes. Eternal Blue palette includes four shades of blue. Lilas Cheri is four violet shades. Eau De Rose contains two brown and two pink shades. Three shades of green and one yellow compose Emerald Conquest. Finally, white, black and two greys create Incredible Grey. The palettes are categorised into three colour scheme lines: Smoky, Luminous and Shocking. All the eyeshadow colours are well-pigmented, which is why, they are easy to blend creating nice looking transition of colours. The great advantage of the eyeshadows is that they hold long (even up to six hours when put on an eye shadow primer). Each palette goes with a double-sponged applicator.

Smoky Eye with Color Riche Les Ombres eyeshadow colours – Step by Step.

Bottom of each palette contains directions on how to apply smoky eye with Color Riche Les Ombres. Different numbers are assigned to each shades in order to facilitate creating the above-mentioned effect. Since practice makes perfect, do not get discouraged when you fail at the first attempt. Let us start with Absolute Taupe palette. Use the darkest shade of the set (number 1) and define eyes by applying the shade along upper and lower eyelash line. Now, gather the middle shade and apply it to the outer corner of the eye. Begin the application from the eyelash line and move upwards, till you reach crease. Above the crease area has to be covered with the brightest shade of brown. Highlight your eyes using shade number 4, by applying it to the inner corner of the eyes and right below eyebrow arches.