Physiogel – cosmetics for special tasks.

Dry and sensitive skin is prone to irritations especially during winter. It requires additional protection in a form of moisturization as well as easing. Physiogel is here to help you with that creating the very protective barrier.

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Physiogel brand created cosmetics designed for sensitive skin care. There are two sets of products that either ease redness and comfort dehydrated skin or a set of cleansing products for hair and scalp. All the cosmetics are hypoallergenic. The set for dry and sensitive skin comprises of a moisturizing cream, an intensively moisturizing cream, a body balm, a shower gel as well as a face cleansing gel.

Physiogel moisturizing cream gifts skin with deep moisturization as well as helps with repairing natural protective lipid barrier of skin that was destroyed by intensive cleansing, cosmetics or dermatological treatments. The cream does not contain any fragrances, preservatives nor colourants – it simply does not irritate or cause allergic reactions. What is more, Physiogel cream is able to tauten skin, prevents dehydration as well as makes skin soft and smooth again. Intensively moisturizing cream, in turn, is designed for people having super dry and sensitive skin. The cosmetic rebuilds and strengthens protective barrier of skin and facilitates maintaining hydration at the right level. Furthermore, the cosmetic is able to smooth and soften skin.

Body balm from Physiogel is here to take daily care of dry and sensitive skin. Right after showering, skin requires instant moisturization and relief from any irritations that might develop because of hot water or a rough towel. The body balm does not cause allergic reactions since it does not contain colourants nor preservatives. Its flavour is neutral. When it comes to the shower gel by Physiogel, it is responsible for moisturization, softening and cleansing of skin. The great asset of the product is that it foams delicately. What is more, the cosmetic is safe to skin thanks to its hypoallergenic formula. As mentioned before, once you finish showering, coat your body with the body balm by Physiogel described above.

Indeed, face skin requires special care. Physiogel designed the face cleansing gel which can be used on day-to-day basis (even without rinsing). It is especially recommended for all the people whose skin does not tolerate regular soap or whose skin is extremely damaged due to dermatological treatments. Furthermore, the face cleansing gel is characterized by natural pH level.

Caution: Physiogel products have oily and dense consistency. Under such circumstances, they are not recommended for people having oily or combination skin since application of this kind of cosmetics might clog skin pores.