Loose and pressed powder – D.I.Y.

Indeed, powder works as an indispensable element for every makeup. It is responsible for fixing foundation and can be used as an eye shadow primer. What is more, it either mattifies or adds gleam to skin, depending on the effect we would like to achieve. Have you ever wondered how this cosmetic is made? Or maybe you would like to make your own powder to use it at will?

pressed powder homemadeHow to make your own powder?

In order to prepare your own loose powder, collect: a mortar, a ball powder and a container with a sieve. Crush the powder in the mortar and put the powder into the container. If you are not satisfied with the formula of the powder, prepare a pressed powder. You will need: a paper towel, salicylate spirit, a spoon for stirring, and a mortar. Compact the powder in the mortar and put it into the container. Then cover it with salicylate spirit and mix thoroughly. Put the paper towel on the mixture and press till you get rid of the spirit. Leave the powder aside for 12 hours, so to make the residues of the alcohol evaporate completely.

Making Loose Powder From Scratch.

Prepare: loose clay (colour and properties of clay have to answer your skin needs), rice or potato flour, cinnamon and/or coca (if you want your powder to have more intensive colour). Mix all the ingredients precisely. Set the proportions at will, just remember that your new cosmetic has to match with foundation shade and type of complexion (a beauty type). Put your homemade powder into a container with a sieve. Use a big and round brush for application.

Funny Fact.

Do you know that loose powder may replace a dry shampoo? Both of the cosmetics are comprised of similar ingredients, which are responsible for absorbing excess of sebum and as a result eliminate effect of greasy hair. What is more, the substances facilitate keeping your hair fresh for way longer.