Sweets sets by Pat&Rub.

Sweet set Pat&RubSweet set by Pat&Rub.

Pat&Rub is a cosmetic brand producing natural cosmetics (designed by a Polish journalist). These products are very popular and has been becoming easily available in drugstores around Europe. What is so exceptional about Pat&Rub cosmetics?

Natural cosmetics.

As the name speaks for itself, natural cosmetics contain only plant-origin ingredients. These are safe to skin, even for sensitive, dry as well as allergy- and irritation-prone skin. What is more, natural cosmetics must not contain paraffin, silicones and Vaseline (because these ingredients might clog skin pores), ethoxylated substances (their names begins with PEG), propylene glycol, carbomers, colourants, synthetic flavours and parabens. Instead, Pat&Rub cosmetics include essential oils, natural aromas, nature-identical flavouring substances, xanthan gum (a plant thickener), low-processed plant originated emulsifiers, low-processed active plant originated substances, moisturizing and softening substances as well as nourishing plant oils, plant waxes, beeswax and plant hydrolats.

Sweet set by Pat&Rub.

As mentioned above, Pat&Rub offers plenty of natural cosmetics. Among them, we can find so-called ‘sweet sets’. One of them is Lemongrass and Coconut Cleansing and Moisturization. The set contains a shower gel (280 ml), a body balm (200 ml) and a hand balm (100 ml). The cosmetics are wrapped in a felt bag with a ribbon on it. As it is not hard to guess, the basic ingredients of the products are lemongrass and coconut. When it comes to the first ingredient – lemongrass – it has refreshing action. What is more, the substance is able to reduce amount of sebum. The oils included into the plant have anti-bacterial working and help with fighting against skin inflammations. Coconut, in turn, counteracts skin infections, eases irritations and can be used as an ally curing acne and skin-burns. Furthermore, this ingredient is characterized by moisturizing, highlighting and smoothing properties.

There are also other sweets sets by Pat&Rub that have beneficial working on both skin and organism. The bags contain, for example, firming hibiscus extract, toning green tea extract, avocado butter (regenerating features), highlighting lemon extract, soothing olive butter, moisturizing hyaluronic acid, E vitamin (smooths, firms and moisturises), babassu oil (firms, protects skin against UV radiation) and elasticiting coca butter.