Nanolash eyelash serum

Nanolash eyelash serum

: Nanolash eyelash serum works multidimensional. Firstly, it is able to stimulate follicles to produce substances responsible for eyelash growth. As a consequence, eyelids are decorated with newly grown eyelashes. Secondly, the eyelash serum provides eyelash length and width extension that comes with darkening of the little hair of eyelids’. Thirdly, Nanolash eyelash serum regenerates and rebuilds damaged or weakened eyelashes. Fourthly, this cosmetic moisturizes and takes care of skin around eyes.

Nanolash eyelash serum regenerates and rebuilds damaged or weakened eyelashes.Application: Nanolash eyelash serum has to be applied every evening until desired results are achieved. After that, the product can be applied a few times per week. Furthermore, each application should be preluded with precise make-up removal. This has to be done in order to enable the cosmetic reaching follicles easily. With the use of a brush, you have to draw a line along upper and lower eyelash base.

Another advantage, Nanolash is absorbed quickly, nourishing at the same time eyelashes and eyelid skin.

Effects: First effects of Nanolash treatment are seen after two weeks of regular application. To obtain desired results, you have to wait more or less one month. In short, eyelashes become thicker, stronger, longer and healthier. When the treatment is ongoing, eyelashes turn into being moisturized and regenerated. What is more, these became slightly curled and gain gloss. Another thing to point out, effects produced by Nanolash last long, even when the treatment is over.

Package: The bottle of Nanolash contains 3 ml of the cosmetic, which provides approximately seven months of the treatment. The cardboard box looks solid. Inside the box, there are two compartments, one for the eyelash serum and the second one for a leaflet.

Price: Nanolash’s price comes under not so expensive category. People, who seek long, strong and nice-looking eyelashes, can definitely begin the treatment.

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