Long 4 Lashes eyelash serum

Working: Long 4 Lashes eyelash serum is destined for eyelash extension and strengthening. The product contains a substance displaying strong working, which is widely used in ophthalmology. For that reason, not everyone can benefit from this eyelash serum. To clarify, people who are not advised to use the product are breastfeeding and pregnant women, underage, allergic sufferers, as well as those who are suffering from some ophthalmological and dermatological diseases.

Long 4 LashesApplication: Long 4 Lashes eyelash serum goes with a little brush that has to be used to distribute the product along upper eyelash base. Basically, the cosmetic is able to reach also lower eyelash base but only while a consumer is sleeping (closed eyes). Application is not comfortable because the brush was not designed properly. To illustrate, the handle of the applicator is simply too long.

As a consequence, a consumer rubs eyebrows and eyelids with the handle.

Effects: One of the first effects of Long 4 Lashes treatment can be observable after around four months. Then, eyelashes become stronger and it is easier to make these separated and curled. Only after six months are eyelashes longer. However, the outcome achieved is far from being natural. Eyelashes are simply unruly, pointing at various directions. As soon as six months pass, Long 4 Lashes can be applied every other day.

Package: Long 4 Lashes can be recognized by a white and gold box. This cardboard container stores also white and gold bottle of 3 ml capacity and a leaflet. A single package covers approximately eight months of the beautifying treatment.

Price: Long 4 Lashes does not cost much. Moreover, it can be bought in most drug and cosmetic stores.