FEG eyelash serum

fegWorking: Strengthening, extension and nourishment of eyelashes are the most important tasks for FEG eyelash serum to fulfil. Pregnant women, breastfeeding ones as well as children who have not reach maturity yet cannot use the cosmetic. When it comes to allergic sufferers, contact lenses wearers and those having sensitive skin, they should consult a general practitioner first. Why?

Because FEG eyelash serum includes substances used for ophthalmological treatment.

Application: FEG eyelash serum’s consistency is rather dense. For that reason, it is hard to gather the cosmetic’s residues. As a consequence, we are unable to perform all the dosages provided. FEG has to be put on every evening, only on cleansed, and dried out eyelid skin. In order to do this, you can use a thin brush, with the aid of which, you are to draw a line on eyelash base.

Effects: After a month of regular use of FEG eyelash serum, eyelashes become more moisturized, strengthened, and regenerated. Eyelash extension and density improvement also appear but only at the end of the treatment. Furthermore, natural substances like green tea, pumpkin seed extract, cucumber extract, and pomegranate extract take care of eyelid skin, providing highlighting, smoothing, and relieving any possible irritations.

Package: FEG eyelash serum is closed in an average-looking bottle. Capacity of this container equals 3 ml, which provides a six-month treatment.

Price: FEG eyelash serum’s price is not adequate to its working and irritations that may be experienced throughout course of the treatment.