Xlash Pro eyelash serum

xlash proWorking: Xlash Pro eyelash serum is one of those products that are able to take care of eyelashes and eyebrows equally. Moreover, the cosmetic works strengthening and lengthening as well as is able to thicken and make eyelashes darker. Xlash Pro eyelash serum contains several natural substances like, for example, herbal and plant extracts as well as red anthoza, also known as red coral. These ingredients provides nourishment for eyelashes and eyelids.

Application: To help the eyelash serum work properly, you have to follow several rules. Firstly, wash your hands to prevent any bacteria and germs penetrate eyelids. Then, take off contact lenses, obviously, if you wear these, and remove make-up precisely. After that, you can apply Xlash Pro on upper eyelash base using a thin brush. Remember, application has to be conducted at bedtime in order to enable the eyelash serum work better and the substances to be absorbed fast.

Effects: Outcomes of Xlash Pro treatment are expected to be produced fairly fast. Within three weeks, eyelashes should become stronger and more moisturized. The final results will be noticeable only at the end of the treatment. Then, length and condition of eyelashes improve in a significant way. However, Xlash Pro does not work as effectively as it may sound. For example, when the treatment is in ongoing, you have to be prepared for your eyelids getting discoloured.

Fortunately, bright purple stains fade away after several weeks since the treatment is over.

Package: Capacity of one Xlash Pro bottle contains 3 ml of the eyelash serum. This covers approximately seven months of the treatment. What is more, the cosmetic is closed in a plastic bottle and hidden in a cardboard box that is fairly average in appearance.

Price: Xlash Pro costs way too much. Discoloured eyelids and minor effects are the greatest disadvantages of the eyelash serum.