Dermena Lash eyelash serum

Derma LashWorking: Dermena Lash eyelash serum is recommended for eyelashes and eyebrows that fall out too excessively, are weak, thin, delicate, and sparse. What is more, eyelashes, which are damaged and require regeneration can also benefit from Dermena Lash. Worth pointing out, those people who have undergone chemotherapy can use the product freely. To conclude, Dermena Lash has strong eyelash and eyebrows strengthening properties. Thanks to this cosmetic, eyelashes stop falling out even during make-up removal. Basically, these become also deeply moisturized.

Application: Let us start from pointing out, that the eyelash serum have neither comfortable in use nor precise brush. The applicator is simply too big to reach gaps between eyelashes. As a consequence, eyelids and eyelashes become covered with a liquid that dries out leaving unattractive white marks. Basically, application should be conducted every evening until eyelashes become stronger and longer.

When these outcomes are produced, Dermena Lash should be applied a few times per week, just to support the results.

Effects: Thanks to Dermena Lash, it takes a month to observe eyelash regeneration, strengthening and moisturization. Only when the treatment is about to end, you can notice eyelash extension and density improvement. However, do not expect spectacular effects. The truth is, Dermena Lash eyelash serum is recommended mostly for eyelashes, eyebrows and skin around eyes care.

Package: A single bottle of Dermana Lash contains 10 ml of the product. It is closed in a white and pink box. Together, these look rather unremarkably.

Price: The truth is, the price for eyelash, eyebrows and skin around care as well as strengthening is rather low. Nevertheless, Dermena Lash does not hold its value.