Vitalash eyelash serum

Working: Vitalash eyelash serum has eyelash extending and strengthening properties. It makes eyelashes prettier and thicker. What is more, the product is responsible for moisturization and improvement of eyelashes’ general condition. In short, Vitalash eyelash serum is recommended for women who would like to have longer and denser eyelashes.

VitlashApplication: Vitalash eyelash serum has to be applied on cleansed and dried out eyelids skin. The product has to be distributed along upper and/or lower eyelash base. To put on the cosmetic, you can use the brush attached do the package. Basically, the liquid is not supposed to run down into eyes nor cause irritations. However, if the product reaches eyes somehow, it is necessary to rinse these immediately with warm water. In a case of greater discomfort occurrence, it is suggested to discontinue the treatment and consult a dermatologist or an ophthalmologist.

Effects: The first outcomes of Vitalash treatment are observable after four weeks of everyday application. The final results should be noticed after three months. Unfortunately, the outcomes do not hold long. Probably, working of the substances included in Vitalash’s composition is not strong enough to make all the effects prolong their lifespan and hold more than just for a month.

Package: Both the bottle and the box, where Vitalash is stored, are nice-looking. Black and silver colours match perfectly. The bottom of the box is decorated with silver spots whereas the bottle’s cap is decorated with a silver rim.

The bottle holds 6 ml of the eyelash serum, which covers a six-month treatment.

Price: Price of Vitalash eyelash serum is slightly too high with comparison to its insufficient working. Reportedly, from time to time, the producer provides discounts on the website.