Revitalash eyelash serum

revitalashWorking: Revitalash eyelash serum stimulates follicles to more efficient work, which at the same time activates growth of new eyelashes. Thanks to this product, eyelids’ hair become longer, thicker, stronger and prettier. What is more, Revitalash eyelash serum affects also growth and condition of eyebrows. Worth mentioning, the cosmetic can be used also by men.

Application: Revitalash eyelash serum has to be put on every evening until eyelashes get the look you want them to have. It is suggested to remove make-up and dry out eyelid skin every time, before applying Revitalash. Suffice to distribute the product on upper eyelash base only, because the cosmetic reaches lower eyelids on its own, when a consumer sleeps. Thanks to this, lower eyelashes are also nourished and their growth is stimulated. Point often overlooked, you ought to be careful enough not to put the applicator in the eye since it will cause irritations. What is more, the beginning of the treatment might be marked with tingling sensation of eyelid area. In fact, this is fairly normal body reaction on product’s working. This discomfort tend to fade away within a few days, however, it might be burdensome for people having sensitive eyes and skin around these.

Effects: The first effects of Revitalash treatment are produced after approximately three weeks, whereas the final ones can be observable after more or less six weeks. When the desired outcomes are obtained, so after four months, Revitalash eyelash serum can be applied every few days. When the treatment is over, eyelashes are longer, stronger and prettier.

This kind of results should hold some period of time, even after the treatment ends.

Package: The box of Revitalash has interesting appearance. Inside, there is a compartment storing a bottle. The bottle in turn is available in two versions: 2 ml and 3,5 ml. The bigger version of the eyelash serum covers a six-month treatment.

Price: Both smaller and bigger package cost a lot. In fact, Revitalash can be replaced with a cheaper eyelash serum that has similar capacity, manner of application yet not cause irritations.